SUP Rail Tape

Paddleboard / SUP Rail Tape

RRP from = £15.99

  • Sizes
    • 1.0m x 50mm
    • 1.5m x 50mm
    • 2.0m x 50mm
  • Features
    • Transparent
    • Superlight at only 70microns (140gsm)
    • UV resistant
    • Self adhesive
    • Made in the UK
    • Each pair come with an MBC Technical sticker
  • Benefits
    • Does not hide any board colour or graphic
    • Stops against most paint chips

  • How to Fit
    1. Make sure you have a very clean board rail first by wiping with a solvent (white spirit or such like).
    2. Lay the tape on the board in roughly the position you want them to go.
    3. Make sure you start at the nose where you think you start your paddle stroke as this is an area you will want to protect.
    4. Peel just the end off and stick it down making sure at all times that the angle is correct (this is where another person can help to keep it in line). Peel back the paper backing as you go.
    5. Finish by rubbing down briskly with a cloth. You can pierce any bubbles you might have with a pin.

    TIP: Getting another person to help you stick these on is the best idea.

Mark from MBC Technical says “We tried celotape to begin with and it worked great at stopping the paint chipping but the sunlight kills the tape and makes it go yellow pretty quickly so you have to get it off, which takes ages! We then decided to get some UV resistant light weight tape made in a shape that fits to any board. We use these on our boards and it costs half the cost of ‘branded’ tape”.

NOTE: This rail tape is really very good at stopping most chips ever occuring but you can still chip your board through it if you strike with something pointy and hard, like a ruthless carbon paddle.

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