How to put on Snowboard boots

How to put on SNOWBOARD boots

  1. Socks on and feet in!
  2. Bang your heels on the floor to get your feet sitting back into the boots. This is best done sitting down with straight legs. Not in a stamping manner, this won’t do anything other than make noise!
  3. If it has a laced liner then do this first. Do not push with your leg as this will be too tight. Instead stand up, pull on lace with your arm and flex your leg (bend you knees). Each time you extend (straighten) your leg you should notice that the lace tightens. This is putting your foot more into the heel area each time. Then fasten. NOTE: it is easy to overtighten your boot liners and cut blood flow leading to pins and needles.
  4. Do lace up from the toes. Again flexing as you go. NOTE: modern boots have such good lacing systems it is easy to over tighten leading to yet more reduced blood flow and pins and needles.

If you cannot seem to get your boots tight enough then they are probably too big. Concider buying new ones or for a quick cheaper option then get some SHL™ and maybe a Volume Reducer if your boots feel really too big.