How to put on Ski boots

How to put on SKI boots

  1. Socks on and feet in.
  2. Bang your heels on the floor to get your feet sitting back into the boots. This is best done sitting down with straight legs. Not in a stamping manner, this won’t do anything other than make noise!
  3. From the front (toe area) of the boot count 3 buckles up (assuming it is a 4 buckle boot). This is the most important buckle as this buckle holds your heel back into your boot holding your heels in firmly and keeping you toes from the end and giving you the snug fit/support needed for the lateral (side to side) movement required with skiing). Do this buckle up first along with the top buckle whilst flexing and straightening your leg. Feel your feet slide back into the heel pocket. Tighten these two buckles untill they are snappy and make a healthy noise as they close.
  4. The bottom two buckles can now be done last just enough for them to close and hold shut. It is often unneccesary to do these tight. Overtightening these is all too easy and this can lead to the stopping of blood flow to your toes due to pressure being placed on your instep (top of your foot).

If your boots are too high volume (in other words, big) then you will be tempted to really tighten the bottom 2 buckles. In this case you would benefit from a Volume Reducer and maybe thicker socks also.