Pressure on shins


Boot Fit Problem Solver

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The recommended solution(s) are in addition to having a suitable footbed.

It is assumed that you already have a good footbed. For Ski boots this would be a custom made ‘Conform’able’ or similar.
For Snowboard boots this would be a ‘Superfeet’ or similar. In any case, these recommendations will always help.


#14 Pressure on shins / bruising



Often referred to as ‘Shin Bang’. Your boots maybe too stiff.


A Heel Raise will change the positioning of your foot and shin within the boot. This may ease the pain. If you actually have bruising you will need to wait until you have recovered. You may well benefit from softer boots if you suspect that yours are too stff. You can tell if your boots are too stiff if you can’t actually flex whilst stood in them.