Cold / wet feet


Boot Fit Problem Solver

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The recommended solution(s) are in addition to having a suitable footbed.

It is assumed that you already have a good footbed. For Ski boots this would be a custom made ‘Conform’able’ or similar.
For Snowboard boots this would be a ‘Superfeet’ or similar. In any case, these recommendations will always help.


#20 Cold / wet feet



1/ You are putting on wet boots because they are not drying properly overnight.

2/ You get sweaty feet.


1/ Sneak them into your room where it will be warmer and dryer than a damp boot room. Don’t tell the hotel that we told you to do it!

2/ Make sure you wear some quality wicking technical socks.

MBC Technical recommends Merino Wool for socks. Merino Wool wicks moisture away from the foot very effectively. Merino Wool also has amazing anti-bacterial properties and so will smell MUCH less than synthetic materials like polyester.